Warm greetings to you! My name is Christine. While growing up in Malaysia and in the midst of family poverty and struggle, I heard the gospel and hope penetrated my heart. My name means "a follower of Christ" and that is who I am. God has given my husband and I the beautiful calling of discipling the nations and serving the poor.   Refugees have a special place in my heart as I've had seasons when I needed refuge. I am blessed to be sent to them. On Sundays, you'll find my family and I worshipping at New City of Nations Church. During the week, I teach English to refugees at Bethlehem Baptist Church. I also meet one-on-one with people as a biblical counselor in my discipleship work with internationals and refugees. Lastly, I am honored to collaborate with an amazing team of women leaders at Salem Arts Exchange to build this ministry.



My name is Remy. I am a Gramma, single mom and an immigrant. In my life, I've seen seasons of desperate times. Ive struggled through illness and poverty. Through each of my life's struggles, there has always been people who walked with me, listened to me cry and helped me carry my burdens. When I hear of the needs of others, I find myself compelled to help as I am able. In my struggle, I discovered a love for creating. Especially the use of crafts as a means of bettering one's life. At Salem Arts Exchange, I have found an outlet to channel my love to help others thru crafting. I am now past my season of deep struggle and am truly enjoying life. I am eager to see the women in SAE get past their seasons of struggles until they too can fully enjoy life.


Hi there! My name is Bea (pronounce as "bey-yah"). I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. I came to the US in mid 90s, obtained my degrees, and dedicated my life to the "American Dream". In the midst of this pursuit of success, I lost my mother in 2004 and started to seek a deeper meaning of my faith in Christ. I decided to quit my job and started a small business. The experience of owning a business catapulted my faith and being comfortable in my own skin. In 2017, Christine invited me to join the team at Salem Arts Exchange and I felt right at home from the start. I am a bit of a feminist and have always loved being in a community that empowers women. I am excited for this new role and will be the person you meet when introducing products from our refugee artisans. I look forward to meeting you!



I'm Trudi Whitson. Wife, mother of four, grandmother of two, real estate agent, and the original collaborator of Salem Arts Exchange. Living in a community with no diversity, I had the desire for God to expand my horizons. New City of Nations, an international church in Minneapolis offered the opportunity to be a part of starting something new to reach a diverse population in a diverse neighborhood. A sewing ministry rose to the top of the list and I raised my hand to teach sewing. One YouTube lesson ahead of the class, God used my loaf & fish to be a part of a growing Salem Arts Exchange into a ministry that is a joyful, creative gathering place to love our refugee neighbors. What I learned through a lifetime of adventure with God is that He does good things in my life by being willing to open my hands and heart to say "yes".  A "yes" to God brings overflowing blessings. That is what Salem Arts Exchange is to me.



2601 12th Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55407

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5:30-8 PM

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