Open House 2018

An article by Bea Mulawarman

Director of Sales & Marketing

We feel so blessed with the opportunity to host another Open House this year. The staff and volunteers were working tirelessly (on top of their primary day jobs) to make this event a success. We were slammed with sickness and many unfortunate events but we carried on with enthusiasm and pure grit. We learned along the way that without God's amazing grace, there was not anything that we could achieve with our own strength. We also determined to lean on each other to bring glory to the One who puts us all together in the first place. When women support other women, great things happen! The turnout was amazing, the weather cooperated, and we were able to raise money to purchase a new sewing machine for the students (Praise God!). We thank all of YOU who attended and supported us for this great cause.

photo credit: Christine Chow

Salem Arts Exchange mission is to be a joyful, creative gathering place for women where friendships are formed, beautiful handicrafts are produced and lives are pointed to Christ.

Pictured above are the leadership team and our wonderful teacher and artisan volunteers. There are more teachers and artisan volunteers who are not in the picture but they are so loved and very much treasured. These are the women who pour their hearts and skills to be the heartbeats of this organization. We are humbled with their sacrifice, whether it is of time away from their families or sharing what they have to further the mission of our organization. You know who you are, and we love you!

Below are a few pictures taken from the Open House. May these pictures warm your hearts and confirms you that YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the lives of our refugee neighbors!

Photo Credits: Christine Chow and Jeanette Spanjers

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